Press Relase

Global Access Travel and Global Access Software

Online Reservation System “MERLIN”

Global Access Travel (GA), a leading worldwide supplier for hotel, car rental, low cost flight, transfer, cruise etc. and it has incoming operations serving in Turkey. Its sister company Global Access Software is in the field of online marketing and communications and combine the knowledge and professional experiences on software solutions and tourism.

Travel agencies from all over the world will be able to offer variety of services such as accommodation from 100,000 hotels, flight tickets from 200 airlines, car rental services, cruises, tours and insurance for both inbound and outbound travelers via this new system, if they sign agreement with GA Travel in addition.

MERLIN has several advantages such as B2B, B2C and B2CORP technology, advanced multi component dynamic package, advanced search functionality in price range, star-key rating, location etc., integrated Google Maps with ability to zoom to street level, multi destination reservations with flights and it shows results in multi currencies. It also offers various payment methods like Pay Pal, Google Check Out, and Virtual Pos.

MERLIN offers five different solutions for its clients; ‘Membership’ the agencies become members of GA Travel online reservation system and start using the content and benefits of system immediately, ‘Affiliate’ travel companies are able to have the most comprehensive booking engine through their own website with the exclusive content provided by Global Access Travel. ‘Private Label’ travel agencies will have their own website with their own corporate identity which will be carefully reflected by GA’s experienced designers. ‘Single Module’ flexibility use any module that agencies like (one or more) according to business needs and the last solution is ‘Complete Booking Engine’ allows agencies to manage all bookings from different sales channels, from one single access point, with all booking details saved in its own data base with its own design and branding.